“Recommended…extremely valuable”.

Professor Patrick McGorry, 2010 Australian of the Year, Executive Director Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

“In plain language and with numerous examples throughout, it provides for parents an understanding of what is ‘enough’, and the confidence of what they can do to provide this for their growing child.”

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Is your child a person to be understood, or a problem to be solved?

Everybody wants to be understood.  This is particularly so for our children (and any other relationship that matters).  We don’t have to agree with them, but they do need us to try to understand them.  Dr Wake uses current ideas in child development such as attachment theory, grief and disappointment ideas, and neuroscience to help parents make sense of the strong emotions and tricky behaviours all children experience and need to deal with.

Is your child your business, or your problem?

Dr Wake presents practical and effective strategies that not only work, but that also help their development into young people who can parent themselves (also known as a “grown up”).  Taking a business approach to problems allows us to remain cool, calm and connected in the face of a child who has flipped their lid.  Though of course we will save our child if they are drowning, we generally want to try to support the child to work it out first, so they learn for themselves.  Our love for our child is personal.  Making strong emotions and tricky behaviours our business rather than our problem helps keep it so.