The Good Enough Parent

Welcome to ‘The “Good Enough” Parent’ website and book.  Both have two aims regarding parenting: helping develop understanding (the why) and trying out new strategies (the how).

It is as important to know why you are doing a strategy as to know how.  Trying to create change is hard and often resisted by those around you.  When it gets tough, the reason for the change can keep you sticking at the strategy long after the difficulties would’ve had you going back to old patterns.  Paraphrasing Nietzsche, “He who has a why can bear almost any how.      I hope here and within my book you will find some “whys” and some “hows”.

It is also as important to know what you can do as what you cannot do when it comes to helping your child’s development.  Excessive worries and doubts about being good enough can steal the joy and fun of being a parent, and other relationships as well.  In the end, what most of us want is not well behaved kids, but to have a family where there is fun, joy and belonging.  And when our children become grown-ups (able to parent themselves), that they return to us not out of duty but out of desire for a reconnection with the fun, joy and belonging that your family has.

In the above video tab you will find playlists of videos I have made that explore visually some of the key ideas you will find in the book.  Each chapter has its own playlist.

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I wish you all the best as you explore and discover the fun and freedom that confidently being “good enough” brings.