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Welcome to the mailing list of the “good enough” parent and thanks for signing up to the weekly newsletter.  I hope you both enjoy it and find it useful.

For those of you who have read my book, the posts initially will comprise of ideas and links to videos to further explain ideas you have read about, and other ideas as they pertain to parenting, relationships and teaching children and young people.

For those of you who have completed parent work with myself in therapy or who have attended the parent seminars or teacher seminars, these videos may bring back memories of the work we have done together or you have observed, but you will also find some new ideas as well.

For those with no experience of myself or my book, I hope you find some of the ideas you find here useful.  Past newsletters are able to be found on my website www.thegoodenoughparent.com.au


Introduction to the Good Enough Parent



The first video attached above is a podcast I did on ABC babytalk with host Penny Johnson.  Penny is an old friend who has a fabulous series of podcasts on all things babies (definitely worth checking out), and it can be found on the ABC website www.abc.net.au/melbourne/babytalk.  In this first podcast we talk generally about the book and some of the key ideas found in it.  I have completed other videos and these can be found on the youtube channel “Andrew Wake”, with more to come.  The youtube link on the home page of my website will take you there.  There you will find two playlists.

‘The “Good Enough” Parent’ playlist will have videos further explaining ideas in the book, and will be arranged in chapters in the book.  The other playlist is called ‘the “good enough” friend’, and covers ideas I share with teenagers and young adults about relationships.  Of course what challenges young people in relationships is also a challenge for us as adults.  You may find some of these ideas applicable to your own relationships.  And as being a grown-up is someone who parents themselves, developing teenagers and young adults may find some of the ideas in the good enough parent videos applicable in how they understand themselves and help develop their confidence that they are “good enough”.  I plan to focus on completing ‘the “good enough” friend’ playlist initially for some young people who asked me for them, and once this is completed then work steadily through the chapters of the good enough parent.

In time a third playlist will be developed called, ‘The “Good Enough” Teacher’, but this will have to wait until that book is finally completed, hopefully by late 2016.  (There are first draft copies that were printed for the international ASCAPAP conference in Malaysia 2015 that Vanessa and I presented at, but these copies are only available via my private practice at this stage, or to those teachers who attend my seminars).  In this coming playlist you will find videos specifically created for teachers around understanding and best managing strong emotions and tricky behaviours in the classroom.  My co-author Vanessa Kellam and I will be creating those videos together, and will expand upon ideas in the book and presented at the teacher seminars we run for teachers and school groups.


On a final note, I am currently entering the new world of social media.    I would wish it to go perfectly, but I will probably have to be content for it to be “good enough” for a while.  Hopefully over time I will get the hang of it.  Big thanks to Felix of Titan webworks for holding my hand through this whole learning process.