Getting over hate: chapter 2 (5/5), page 61-63

Andrew Wake Newsletter, Parenting


The last of the videos from chapter 2.  I present a simple visual idea highlighting the importance of getting over problems rather than avoiding and moving on from them.  Like getting over grief, getting over hate is a process that there is no simple formula for.  This video looks at that approach.

Videos to come will look more specifically at ways of managing strong emotions such as self-soothing, repair through conversations, boundaries, reflecting…all aspects of dealing with anger.


Melanie Klein thought that hatred was the cause of most disturbances within and between people, and repair of ruptures the key to developing well.  We can help our children by being good at acting on or repairing disappointment ourselves, celebrating when they are confronted with disappointment and express it, and helping them to be confident when strong emotions arise.


The link for the video is here