The fifth provision: enough boundaries. The best punishment. Chapter 9 (1/3)

Andrew Wake Newsletter, Parenting

Hi to all.

This is a brief clip from the fabulous TV series “Friday Night Lights”.  In the lead up to this clip, the father of the 17 yo teenage daughter had come home early, walked in and found her in bed with her boyfriend.  This was a significant broken boundary for this family and the parents aren’t quite sure how to respond.  The wife says, “I’m going to go in there and talk to her”, to which the husband replies, “Before you go in there you better know what you are going to say”.  To which she says, “I have no idea”.  The clip starts the following morning.

We can tie ourselves up in knots about what cost we should implement for broken boundaries.  This clip provides one very simple answer to that question.

The video can be found here.