Changes in 2021

Andrew Wake Newsletter, Parenting

Hi to all

It has been a long time since my last post for a number of reasons.

– Clinical work has become more intense over the past 18 months. I used to get 5 referrals a week, where in the last year it is at times more like 5 referrals a day. Though I have been working more, it also has reinforced in my mind the importance of providing accessible information to parents and teachers about how to help children.

– I have become a contributor to psychwire, an international website where experts in the field answer questions about their area of specialty. If you wish you can ask me questions via that website, and see my answers to other people’s questions.

– I have been focused on completing a book for teachers  about understanding and managing challenging behaviours and emotions in the classroom. It went to the editor last week, so hopefully will be coming out in early 2022. It will probably be called ‘When you’re the adult in the room: how a psychiatrist can add to your classroom confidence’.

-I will be overhauling ‘The Good Enough Parent’ over the Christmas Break and into 2022, removing some bits and adding other bits.  Particularly a chapter on how we can help the moral development of our children. You will get a sneak preview of this by reading my 7 newsletter posts on this topic. I will also be writing more about technology and its impact on the developing child, something that has become more of a focus since 2012 when I wrote the first book. I will also be making changes to the book’s website and likely the videos will get a do-over. As you know if you have watched them, the quality of the videos is quite basic.

-I have put one day a week aside to do presentations at schools to share the ideas about understanding and managing challenging behaviours and emotions, and then in the evening to do a similar presentation for the parents at the school. The aim is to get a united understanding and approach between all the adults involved to be clear about how parents can support the school, and how the school can support the parents, and how the combination can best help the students’ development.

As such my spare time will be limited and I will not be posting regularly here for the foreseeable future. If you are a teacher or a parent and wish me to come to your school, there is a ‘Invite Andrew’ tab on my website where you can make contact with me.

I wish you all the very best as we come out of the pandemic. Thank you for all you support and feedback over the last few years.