About The Author

DR ANDREW WAKE (MBBS, FRANZCP, Mast Psych, Cert Child Psych)

Dr Andrew Wakeis a child and adolescent psychiatrist in both public and private practice. He has worked in a range of settings, from urban suburbs to rural townships and remote Aboriginal communities.

He has lectured at Melbourne University, presented at national and international conferences, and undertaken numerous speaking engagements at mental health clinics, schools, child protection units, and parent groups on various topics including parenting, understanding and managing strong emotions and tricky relationships, child development, adolescent sexuality, and the effects of childhood trauma.

His YouTube channel (link below) has a number of videos that further explore the ideas you will find in his book (the good enough parent playlist), as well as a number of ideas about healthy relationships in general (the good enough friend playlist).

With his teacher colleague Vanessa Kellam they run seminars for teacher groups on understanding and managing strong emotions and tricky relationships in the classroom.  They are currently writing the book The ‘Good Enough’ Teacher, and it is due for publication in late 2017.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and three children. This is his first book.